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What are the Requirements for Becoming a Chef?

So you are interested in the possibility of launching a career in the culinary arts? You more than likely have questions and want to make certain that a career as a chef is the right path for you. You may think that in order to become a chef, all you need is an education from a top culinary arts school. What you really need is much more than a piece of paper.

  • 18 Jul 2017

Why Cooks Need A Kitchen Mixer

A kitchen mixer can make the cook's life easier by taking out the grueling task of blending ingredients for recipes by hand. Not only will they be spared the shoulder and wrist strain, but the result will be a well blended batch of whatever ingredients the recipe called for.

  • 20 Jul 2017

Pot Rack - You've Got to Have One of These

I was in my local supermarket the other day shopping for food and things I needed to replace in my kitchen. I wasn't in the store more than five minutes when I ran into neighbors of mine in the produce section. It was John and Monica the retire couple who live in the corner house on my block.

  • 16 Jul 2017
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  •   16 Jul 2017   Posted By Wilson F.   80 Favs   0 Comments

    Variety available in Cookware today

    Today the variety available in cookware is staggering. Gone are the days when all you saw was stainless steel cookware or copper and aluminium cookware in homes; today traditional utensils also comes in fancy variety and buying these is affordable enough for everyone, not only the rich.

  •   9 Jul 2017   Posted By Quinton S.   12 Favs   0 Comments

    Low Sodium Recipes - 3 Tips Help To Increase Flavor Of Usually Bland Low Sodium Soup Recipes

    Of all the low sodium recipes, low sodium soup recipes can be some of the most challenging recipes to prepare. Trying to make them flavorful and yet they still taste bland. You feel all they need is a little salt and everything would taste fine. Well, when cooking low sodium, adding salt is not an option.

  •   13 Jul 2017   Posted By Preston D.   54 Favs   0 Comments

    4 Make Your Own Recipe Book Ideas

    You might wonder why you need to make your own recipe book when there are already tons and tons of cookbooks available, both in the stores and online. You probably already have tons of recipe books on your bookshelves I bet.

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14 Jul 2017
Posted By Gary R.

Cooking In Microwave Ovens Is Safe

Many people feel that microwaves should be used only for defrosting and reheating foods as it is not safe for cooking. Many years ago, it was perhaps true when the microwave first hit the market, but there was no proof that people died from using their microwave oven. Technology keeps on improving and the microwave of today is the ideal cook's companion and especially if that cook has limited time in which to prepare a traditional meal.
23 Jul 2017
Posted By Sidney N.

Foods That are Good for You

Nowadays, it seems like a lot of people have one thing in common. They are searching for ways to lose weight and eat healthier because of the obesity epidemic that is occurring all over the world. Many believe that the only way to accomplish this is to purchase very expensive supplements or to put themselves on a very strict diet in order to lose weight.
20 Jul 2017
Posted By Mae P.

Wall Pot Racks - The Kitchen You Always Desired

What can most of us say and recall about our first apartments? Some of our great memories revolve around them. If you think back, you were learning and experimenting as each day went by. You had finally reached adulthood and were out on your own. You wanted to make this place a wonderful haven to come home to. A place that was warm and inviting but organized and uncluttered.The room that seemed to be at the heart of your home was the kitchen.
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12 Jul 2017
Posted By Ingrid J.

The Best Cooking Oil And Why It Helps

Cooking oil is something that affects our lifestyle and cuisine in a great way. We have to make sure that we use the best cooking oil to live healthily without causing any damage. There are a lot of health effects to the oil of our choice, out of which the one affected most greatly is our heart. The best cooking oil ensures that we don't have any such problems while still making sure the taste of our food doesn't drop.
1 Jul 2017
Posted By Sherri L.

Antipasto - How To Make The Best

Antipastoliterally translates into 'before the meal'. An Italian custom, antipasto platters are enjoyed around the world as a delicious collection of various finger foods. Any authentic Italian meal starts with this tasty entrée, and then moves on to the rest of the courses. There are a lot of things that constitute to this dish and to get it just right, we should make sure that we follow the traditional.
16 Jul 2017
Posted By Sylvester B.

Understanding Induction Cookware Sets

Induction cookware sets have become far easier to find due to the high demand of these top quality items. Induction cooking has been used for many years throughout Europe, and some chefs will cook through no other method. The method of induction cooking is very effective, and simply generates the heat within the cookware rather than the stove.Having an induction-cooker element on the stove will ensure that the food is cooked far more efficiently.
29 Jun 2017

Belgique Hard Anodized 11 Piece Cookware Set

this is a video of unboxing a Belgique Hard Anodized 11 Piece Cookware Set, here is some details about it: Stylish bell-shaped silhouettes set this efficient ...

12 Jul 2017

The Best Non Toxic Cookware For Your Kitchen

Why is Non Stick Cookware So Bad? These days much of the cookware being produced has non stick coatings which have some obvious benefits, but ...

12 Jul 2017

My Cast Iron Cookware Storage Solution (4K)

With my small pantry getting so crowded with cast iron cookware, I needed an additional storage solution. I decided to expand into the dining room with a heavy ...

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